Gary Goodman consistently commands standing ovations from audiences of varying backgrounds, age and languages. Fulfilling the expectations of discriminating audiences requires a true Professional Entertainer!

“Listen to what they are saying about Gary Goodman, your professional entertainer”


“What a great way to start our meeting! You were terrific. You’re a real professional. How did you do that?”

“Tuesday had been a very long day; however, your show was just the ticket for this audience. Your performance was net and right to the point to establish the right atmosphere and to conclude a very hectic day.”

“Wow! Your performance at our annual seminar was truly impressive. Your sense of humor combined with your high level of professionalism produced a super show — not to mention your incredible illusions.”

“Opening our meeting with your performance helped us to lead off our ‘Magic is You!’ theme. The magic and illusions you demonstrated were very entertaining and made an impression on our attendees. The ‘close-up magic’ you did at lunch made the Assistants feel a part of the magic.”

“My colleagues and I would like to extend our gratitude to you for helping to pull off one of the most successful events we’ve ever put together for a group of physicians. Unequivocally, your comedy/magic extravaganza was incredible!!! The feedback from our clients has been, without a doubt, the most positive we have ever received.”

“Your ‘sword through the neck’ trick with the Vice President of Sales still has people talking and your final illusion of the night, the trunk illusion, was amazing.”

“The illusion show was the highlight of the evening. Especially, we want to thank you for professionally integrating the Unisys theme throughout the show.”

“Is there anything you can’t do? First, you blew everyone away when you magically made our CEO appear from your incredible illusion. Then, with your special magical flair, you introduced our new food lines to our sales force. The sales force was equally enthusiastic when you taught each one of them the ‘3-card Monte’ with our corporate message to use as a sales tool. And last but not least, your COMEDY MAGIC & GRAND ILLUSION SHOWS at our trade show were the perfect entertainment for our attendees. As far as I’m concerned, we found the brightest and most entertaining performer we’ve had in years!”

“We enjoyed your Comedy Magic and Grand Illusion Show. It was a very exciting way to begin our Conference. Everyone thought your act was incredible and amazing. We only lost 3 Facility Managers trying to duplicate the sword act.”

“Your illusions were everything they were predicted to be! You delivered a top-notch, high energy half time performance that will improve any arena’s overall game presentation.”

“I have heard only great things from our associates on your performance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You helped to make our Holiday Party a memorable one.”

Your performance at our doctor’s dinner meeting was extraordinary! I’ve never seen this group laugh so hard, especially when you put the sword through one of the doctor’s neck. You even successfully and cleverly interjected our product information into your routines. I don’t know how you made a nose spray entertaining…but you did!

“Your enthusiam and energy invigorated the whole group. Everyone left on a very positive note. The attention to detail and professionalism you exhibit place you in the top rank of professional acts we have had at our functions.”

“Business meetings can be fun! Our Latin American dealers that attended the meeting speak spanish and portuguese. Your entertainment demonstrated language was not an issue. Sharing a laugh in any language is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

“Many of our guests’ comments ranged from ‘amazing’ to ‘absolutely spectacular’. The entertainment you provided certainly played an integral part in the success of our event, thank you!”

“Thank you very much for the excellent performance that you put on for us during our National Sales Meeting.”

“What more can I possibly say? You were incredible. We have only one additional request, please don’t ever go into the field of cooking. We’re afraid you would magically whip up meals in no time and put us out of business!”