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Gary Goodman: South Florida Magician

“Do you believe in magic?” People who have seen Gary Goodman answer this question with a resounding “yes”! Because of his ability to amaze audiences with his magic tricks, Gary’s name has become synonymous with the words “South Florida magician”.

Meet Gary Goodman, he’s the #1 Magician in South Florida!

Gary loves magic. As a child, he taught himself illusions from a book. He performed for his friends and neighbors. Fascinated with Harry Houdini, Gary perfected his craft, improved his skill and developed a show which he performed throughout high school and college. His love of magic, performing before a live audience and his incredible talent led him to a career he loves.

His Magic – Gary Goodman The Best Magician

Today, Gary performs three major types of magic (sleight-of-hand, stage and grand illusion). He is clearly the ideal entertainer for a broad range of events and he caters to audiences of all sizes. Both adults and children alike are fascinated by him.
Gary has a unique ability to tailor his performance to his audience. He encourages their participation and makes them laugh. Add the fact that he completely and totally amazes them and you can understand his popularity.

In addition to shows in front of an audience, on stage (which you may consider engaging him to do), Gary also performs amazing close up magic. He is the perfect entertainer for a cocktail hour or even a corporate event like a trade show where he can interact with smaller groups of people over the course of a set time period. Events like this provide him the opportunity to engage those around him.

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Regularly referred to as a close-up magician, a comedy magician and a corporate entertainer, Gary quite simply does it all and does it well.
Are you looking for entertainment for an event in Boca Raton, Miami or anywhere in South Florida? If so, consider Gary Goodman. Everybody loves magic. You will see, firsthand, why his reputation as the best South Florida magician is so well-deserved.