I have been fascinated with Miami ever since the 1960’s.  As a child my family would vacation in Miami Beach every April for the holidays. I remember all the entertainers that would be performing on motel row in Miami Beach.   Many of the motels would have magic shows for the kids and families during this time. Watching these Miami magicians had an influence on my career path.

Fast forward to 1980 and I decided to move from Niagara Falls to Boca Raton to attend college at Florida Atlantic University.  I am now based in Boca Raton but made many friends that lived in Miami and started to make connections as a Miami magician in that area.

As of this year, 2012, I have performed over 2000 shows in the Miami area.  Recently I performed a private show for The Miami Heat and their families.  I also get called to be on many Latin TV shows that are filmed in Miami.  They always refer to me as the Miami magician!  As the “Miami Magician” I am also very popular with communions.  Every year I am performing more and more in Miami as a communion magician.  I have perfected a magic show for this age and occasion.  Many of my magic and illusion corporate shows are also based in Miami.

My fascination continues to grow with the exciting city of Miami and I am proud to be known as the “Miami Magician”.