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Prepare yourself for the unimaginable

Get ready for Mind Reading and Mentalism. Gary Goodman’s curiosity about the mind and the mysterious began as a child growing up in Niagara Falls, NY. The Amazing Kreskin had a big influence on Gary ‘s childhood since he was able to view his weekly TV show broadcast from Canada each week. It was then that Gary started to become fascinated with math, science, psychology, optical illusions, hypnosis, and the way the brain deceives itself. As a college student, he pursued his interests in psychology and theater. It was then he realized he could combine his humor and theatrics to complement his unbelievable mind games and psychic stunts.

Dear Gary,
I just wanted to thank you again for making our Gala Finale of this year’s Women’s Club so special. Your mind-reading program was just the perfect ending, and the ladies are still talking about it, wondering “How in the heck did he know that?” Not only were you able to know what they had been thinking in answer to your question, but you even knew that they had changed their mind, and you were able to tell us what their first thought had been. TOTALLY AMAZING!Your banter with the audience was clever and humorous, and getting so many of the women involved in the program made it perfect.Thank you again for a delightful afternoon program.Sincerely,Marjorie Lassoff, President
Broken Sound Women’s Club

He Knows What You’re Thinking …

  • Audience members are asked to think of specific information: dates, names, interests, destinations.
  • Watch as Gary expertly predicts what only the volunteer can know!
  • Unexplainable and undeniably entertaining.

He recently had the pleasure of performing for Regis Philbin, Chevy Chase, Mike Wallace and the incomparable Muhammad Ali! Other celebrities Gary has performed for: Celine Dion, Chris Evert, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Jackie Mason, Mr. Food, Neil Patrick Harris, Mel Torme, Nick Nolte, Keith Hernandez, Milton Berle, Joan Rivers, Smother’s Brothers, Steve Gutenberg, Mike Douglas, Shari Lewis, and many more.

Goodman has become a nationally recognized for his mind reading and Mentalism. He has perfected a program that entertains an audience with an interactive performance of extraordinary mental feats. Gary prides himself in doing a variety of “mind games” such as expertly predicting what only the volunteer could know, projecting his thoughts into the volunteer’s mind, and moving objects by the means of telekinesis.

Audiences are always inviting Gary back over and over again because he is the entertainer that strives for excellence in every performance.

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