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I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful show . It was simply terrific! I have been asked by our many clients who attended our corporate event to pass on their heart felt thanks for a wonderful evening’s entertainment. They and I saw a true professional at work. I have been asked to say a special “thank you” from John Kenny, Yeoman at the Tower of London. He was delighted with the show you performed for him and the Beefeaters within the walls of the Tower of London.
We want to arrange for you to come to London again
with your splendid act.”Les G. Horsager
Chairman and Managing Director
PRIcoa Realty Group Limited

Gary Goodman consistently commands standing ovations from audiences of varying backgrounds, age and languages because he understands the importance of adapting to each audience profile and customizing each performance. Fulfilling the expectations of discriminating audiences requires a true entertainer-the ultimate entertainer!

Gary is one of the leaders in corporate party entertainment in the United States. Corporate groups love Gary because of his professionalism, versatility, years of experience and his fun personality. He has been named “The Ultimate Entertainer” because he is able to successfully perform all the categories in the World of Magic. This is a rare quality to find in a magician.

Cocktail Receptions

Close up magic is the perfect icebreaker during any type of “meet and greet” session. Gary’s selection of sleight of hand magic will leave them speechless. How did he do that right in front of me, I never took my eyes off of him! A perfect way to have “mini-magic shows” at a gathering.

Stage Programs

The COMEDY MAGIC SHOW is a great way to kick-off your opening ceremonies or wrap up a successful meeting with an after dinner show. Get ready for non-stop, incredible hilarious and phenomenal magic, amazing music, tasteful audience participation, and jaw-dropping reactions to the end.

“Las Vegas” Style Shows

Get ready for the REALLY BIG, knock-your-socks-off magic! The Grand Illusions take the “Comedy Magic Show” to the next level of disbelief. Gary and his female assistant(s) perform these incredulous “works of art” exclusively during the program or strategically interjected throughout the “Comedy Magic Show”. Whether Gary is shrinking the assistant down to 2 feet or making it snow on stage … you won’t forget what you “think” you saw!

Mind Reading

Take an unforgettable journey into the unbelievable world of Mind Reading and Mentalism. Gary will astound your audiences with his ability to ‘get inside their heads’ and read their minds. This is a show combining mind-boggling feats of Mind Reading with humor and wit.

Trade Show Magic

Gary is the bait that hooks your leads! Who can pass up a “happening” booth? Gary gently draws in the spectators by utilizing the most stimulating props, sound effects, and his rare ability to peak their curiosity. Only a professional that understands the dynamics of such a large gathering can successfully attract the non-committed … and he has proven to be the magnet. After he successfully builds a crowd, it’s time to interject the company’s message into the routines. At the conclusion of his presentation, he delivers the qualified leads over to your sales force to perform their “magic”.

Specialty Magic

Introduce your CEO or guest speaker from a puff of smoke, have key executives learn magic routines to spice-up their presentations, or launch a campaign with magic as the kicker. The ideas are unlimited … and Gary can offer you tried and true gems for your corporate party entertainment. He even has great give away items for advertising campaigns, tradeshows and corporate events.

Master Of Ceremonies

Gary is the perfect MC for any corporate event. There is never a dull moment when Gary is in charge. He has plenty of “tricks” up his sleeve to keep the show moving and running on time. Gary also has a rich baritone voice that can command attention. He has done professional voice over work and knows how to use a sound system to his advantage.

For more information about corporate entertainment Contact Gary Goodman your professional entertainer.

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