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When Gary was 12, he invited 20 friends into his garage, charged 10 cents a head and locked the garage door so they couldn’t escape.

He spent the next hour performing illusions he’d learned from library books.

Show business was in his blood. His mother was a singer and dancer and his father a drummer in his own orchestra.

But it was the famous escape artist, Harry Houdini, that set him on the road to magic. After seeing the Houdini movie, starring Tony Curtis, he was determined to be just like the master illusionist. Add to that, just across the Canadian border from his hometown of Niagara Falls, NY sat the Harry Houdini Museum. Now you have the makings of a magician!

Barely a teenager, he had the good fortune of meeting one of Houdini’s illusion builders. He taught Gary how to build and perform some of the same illusions he had built for Houdini. He began performing these and his own original illusions during high school and college.

Gary continues to relentlessly sharpen and expand his skills in the three major categories of magic; Sleight-of-Hand Magic, Stage Magic, and Grand Illusion. This degree of tenacity has taken him around the world performing for the most discriminating audiences.

He recently had the pleasure of performing for Celion Dion, Regis Philbin, Juanes, Pulitzer Prize author Dave Barry, Chevy Chase, Adam Sandler, The Miami Heat and even the incomparable Muhammed Ali.

In recognition of his rare magical accomplishments, Gary was presented with the coveted “Order of Merlin” award. The leading organization for professional magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, presented him the award in recognition of his outstanding performance record.

Gary’s professional entertainment services include a variety of shows for a variety of budgets. He loves exceeding his clients expectations and making the person who hired him look like a hero.

Magic Tricks To Fool Your Friends

Gary recently authored the bestselling book,“Magic Tricks To Fool Your Friends”. Receiving rave reviews, the book teaches YOU easy to learn magic tricks that you can use to fool friends and coworkers, including how to levitate in mid-air!

Be sure to ask Gary for a complimentary autographed copy when you book your event.

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